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Built In Boston is an exclusive "Garage Style" training gym, custom designed by Coach Sean Collins, crafted specifically with his training clients in mind. The space offers individuals an elite level training environment and opportunity for private coaching. 

B.I.B. is located in Sean's childhood and college(Tufts University) neighborhood, and was opened in the winter of 2023. The current gym has been relocated from the original "B.I.B.," which opened in the Fall of 2014, and was located at 624 Somerville Avenue.


Built In Boston is proud to provide a space where individuals continually feel both challenged and accomplished, in a safe and productive fashion. In other words, We Get Shit Done Here!









An athlete his entire life, Sean’s passion for training began early on. Improving his basketball game was what initially piqued his interest, having played for both his high school and college varsity teams. Sean turned his interest in human performance into a profession in 2005, when he began training athletes, working professionals, and others in the Greater Boston community.


Sean’s unique training methodology stems from his experience working with a wide array of clientele in various training environments. Over the past nearly two decades, Sean has trained in commercial strength & conditioning facilities, small and medium sized private studios, commercial big-box gyms, open parks and fields, virtually, online and even in client homes.


His clients include athletes and individuals of all ages, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including: middle and high school athletes, small business owners, brides to be, fitness competitors, professional boxers, professors, couples, social media influencers and working professionals. He offers extensive knowledge as a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. Sean also holds his Functional Movement Screen Certification, multiple Kettlebell certifications, and is CPR/AED certified. He considers himself a life-long student and is constantly seeking out information to expand his skill set and master his craft. 

Equally as important to Sean's training pedigree is his "under the bar," or practical, knowledge base. "If I can't do it, how can I coach it?"  He knows that it takes more than just a piece of paper that says you're qualified at something to be a good coach. Sean continues to train himself in the manner in which he trains his clients and prides himself on practicing what he preaches on a daily basis. 

Thanks to his sincere passion and substantial experience, Sean has become a go-to source for  private coaching.  He takes  extreme  pride in the fact that multiple clients on his "Roster" have been training with him for over ten years.  Sean remains steadfast in his mission to help as many people as possible, paving a path for each individual to dramatically improve their performance and general well-being. 

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Sean trains people like athletes, regardless of their age, gender, experience or current competition status.  He believes that his "athletic style" encompasses methods that illicit benefit to all forms of all human performance.  Whether you are preparing for an upcoming season, prepping for a 5k or looking to move and feel better, Sean has seen these optimized training sessions produce maximal return on your physical investment. His streamlined yet comprehensive "Always An Athlete" approach to training eliminates the unnecessary fluff and instead focuses on the development of basic human strength and movement.  The workouts are not flashy or considered trendy but are brutally efficient when applied with consistency.  Training in this fashion, Sean’s clients have been able to improve their performance, gain strength, boost their conditioning, decrease body fat, increase energy and elevate their moods. Pretty cool stuff.


Helping people become "Better Daily Movers" is of high priority for Sean at Built In Boston. Moving more daily can and will help one's sleep, weight loss, mood, insulin sensitivity, energy, memory, bone density, strength and more.  Far to often, not only do we not move enough, folks are misguided in their efforts to acquire fitness. Too much of one modality in this endeavor can lead to a host of problems and sabotage one's efforts. Sean educates and directs his clients on a more 'rounded" or holistic approach to their daily routines.  While utilizing a wide array of tools and techniques in his arsenal, Sean aims to help his clients achieve pain free expression of their strength, power, cardio and mobility.  These movement based activities and efforts are with in conjunction to a commitment to to more daily steps, physical activity and targeted recovery efforts. It all adds up.


From high school athletes to professional competitors, stay-at-home moms to working professionals, college grads to busy students - if you're committed to put in the work and determined to succeed, Built In Boston can and will help you fulfill your aspirations. You must possess a positive mindset in order to work with Sean, as your approach will directly effect your overall experience and subsequent results. The process needs to viewed as an opportunity, rather than a burden, or else it will not work.  Sean's most successful clients have always embraced the work, never complain and possess a burning aspiration to improve themselves every day. Let's GET BETTER together.

Sean Collins Built in Boston Fitness

Question: Have You Seen The Apparel?
I design Built In Boston gear that represents and pays homage to The Boston Culture.  
'Put on for your City'

-Young Jeezy

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